COVID-19 Update

We are currently operating and stay committed to supported the communities of Mull as much as we can. In line with current Government guidelines, all drivers will be wearing PPE Masks and we ask that all passengers do so like wise. All our vehicles are cleaned before use we will also make sure there is plenty airflow around the bus/car, so we ask that passengers bring a jacket. There will also be hand sanitiser for entering and exiting the vehicle.

We are now happy to be running our on-demand scheduled service and booking service for visitors once again. See our timetable and get in touch to book.

We also deliver groceries from Salen Spar every Friday and costs £5. All you need to do is phone or email your order through to the shop and arrange payment and we will deliver it for you.

For all deliveries, we will comply with the Government Guidance on physical distancing, our drivers are following the instructions below for the safety of all concerned;

  1. If you feel unwell at all (sore throat, high temperature, shortness of breath…etc.) stay at home and do not drive. You should then follow the official NHS guidance which is current at the time
  2. Wash down all the handles and controls on the vehicle with anti-bacterial cleaning spray and cloth at start and end of each journey
  3. Wash hands at the start and end of each journey using water and soap or the alcohol based anti-bacterial gel which we have made provision for
  4. Collect the pre-packed order(s) of groceries from the shop, spending minimum time in the shop
  5. Don’t knock on the door or ring a bell with your naked hand, use either a disposable tissue or glove
  6. Deliver the groceries, avoiding personal contact no closer than 3m but making sure that the resident is feeling okay
  7. Do not enter the house you are delivering to. Place the groceries and/or prescription on the doorstep or post box, knock on the door and step back 3m to maintain a “social distance”. 
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