Sustainable transport for North West Mull's residents and visitors



The Ulva Ferry Community Transport service offers sustainable transport to the rural Ulva Ferry area of North West Mull on Scotland’s west coast.  We offer a range of services to locals and visitors alike with our fully electric vehicles.

Our Scheduled Service ties in with other local public transport services, thus avoiding the need for a private car for your visit: why not let someone else do the driving, sit back and enjoy the scenery and explore the beautiful landscape and visitor attractions of the Loch na Keal National Scenic Area. 

We can also take you on specific trips anywhere on Mull: to the foot of Ben More (Mull’s only Munro), to local restaurants or shops and services further afield, to local events from the Salen Show to the Tobermory Christmas Lights Switch On, and to medical and hospital appointments.

“The bus is a lifeline for me. It’s my only way to get my husband to and from respite care.”


Ulva Ferry Community Transport is for visitors of the island as well as residents. While using our services you are helping us provide the North West Mull’s community with an essential service that fills in the missing link of public transport.

Ulva Ferry Sea Eagle Loch na Keal
Lip na Cloiche Ballygown Isle of Mull
Calgary Ulva Ferry Community Transport
Ulva Ferry Pontoon Ulva Ferry Community Transport

Explore The ISLE OF MULL

Ulva Ferry is situated on the west coast of the Isle of Mull, in the heart of the Loch na Keal National Scenic Area and encompassing the inhabited islands of Ulva and Gometra. Whether you wish to spend an afternoon in the area, or make it your base for a week’s holiday, there is plenty to see and do locally, and our community transport makes it easy to get around sustainably, without the need for a car.



  • Fully electric
  • 8 passenger seats, plus a wheelchair ramp. With a wheelchair on board the seating capacity reduces to 4 passengers plus wheelchair
  • Wheelchair accessible on request prior to booking
  • Can take up to 8 passengers, or 5 passengers with 1 wheelchair user
  • Available to book 7 days a week (subject to driver availability)


  • Fully electric
  • Fully accessible with automatic lift and space for wheelchair
  • 10 passenger seats plus electric wheelchair lift. With one wheelchair on board the seating capacity reduces to 7 plus wheelchair or with two wheelchairs onboard it’s 4 passengers plus two wheelchairs
  • Runs a timetabled Scheduled Service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between Calgary and Salen
  • Available to book at all other times (subject to driver availability)
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